The Winning Factors of Video Poker

The explosive growth on the choices of casino games available for gamblers to choose is beginning to cause an overwhelming effect among casino players. Most of the time casino gamblers no longer know which casino game can be more profitable to them.

One outstanding casino game that remains preferable to the casino gambling community is the game of video poker. Because gambling is an activity that casino players expect to earn profits from, playing a casino game with better odds and probabilities is most preferable among casino players.

The video poker game gives casino gamblers various reasons why it is a more preferable game over other casino games to play with. The biggest factor that makes the video poker better than other casino games is the house advantage factor which is at its lowest in the game of video poker.

The Jacks and Better video poker variant have a 0.46% house advantage as being the most commonly played video poker variant. Comparisons were made from the game of Jacks and Better with the house edge of other casino games. The game of blackjack has the lowest house advantage but this is the case only when the game of blackjack is played on a single card deck with applicable Vegas rules.

The game of video poker remains to be the casino game with the lowest house edge. Good news for video poker players is that more casinos are offering video poker games with a house advantage lower than the usual 0.46%.

The game of video poker also gives its players a promising payout percentage of 100% which is another winning factor when choosing a casino game. The game of video poker gives its players a positive expectation game of not lower than 100%. Playing for Full Pay Double gives an expectation of 100.17%, Full Pay Deuces Wild at 100.76% and 100.64% for a Full Pay Jokers Wild.

Many casino players associate the game of video poker to the slot machine game but there are big differences that make the game of video poker better and preferable than the game of slots.

For one, the game of video poker can be played with an already determined payout. The payout is readily displayed on the video poker machine's payout table, a distinctive characteristic of the video poker machine from a slot machine.

The slot machine players are blinded with their odds when gambling with slots while the game of video poker gives its players better odd prediction with a game expectation based from the pay tables shown in all video poker games.

Moreover, the game of video poker involves a skill factor which is an important element when playing a casino game that enables a player's participation on playing a casino game to bring a big difference on the game outcome.

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